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ColorFULL Summer

June 16, 2022
Flowers in various pots at a front door

My love of all things garden for the summer (really, all year long!) continues, Creative Tonics!! Who isn’t inspired by the late Bunny Mellon + her absolutely SWOON-worthy gardens?! The book, The Gardens of Bunny Mellon, is the PERFECT coffee table book that you will actually read when the need for beautiful blooms hits!! Her homes across the Eastern Seaboard are ALL incredible examples of her work + she even designed the Rose Garden + the East Garden at the White House for the Kennedys + the homes of Givenchy!! So, with a bit of Bunny in mind, I’m sharing some of the garden-inspired trends for home (+ fashion!) that bring her talent to YOUR door!! BUT I still highly suggest you pick up her book HERE + flip those pages, friends!! I PROMISE you won’t be sorry!!!

Trellis, Trellis + Trellis

Did I mention that I LOVE trellises during summer? Whether they’re a motif on your FAVE summer dress, wallpaper, millwork, or, of course, in your garden, they bring a light + whimsical feel that instantly TRANSPORTS you to slow, summer days! I’m sharing a few of my favorite TRELLIS-FULL picks below!! Plus, a peek at how I’ve worked my love of the trellis motif into a BRIGHT and airy guest suite via millwork + wallpaper!! Never forget – more is MORE, my friends!!

Gorgeous Green Gardens

You can’t mention SUMMER without thinking VERDANT thoughts!! Green is, well, evergreen, don’t you agree, Creative Tonics? From celebrating winter + the holidays to shouting the start of spring’s rebirth + proclaiming the life of summer, GREEN is all.the.things. But it’s certainly a summer favorite, from gingham to galoshes, seersucker to sunglasses … it’s a DREAM!! Even on a rainy day, a pop of lush green brings a BRIGHT smile!! Take a PEEK below for some of my favorite VIRESCENT visions!!

Living room by creative tonic with green upholstered chairs

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