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Eat, Drink + Be SCARY

October 5, 2021

Do you know what it means when there’s a snap in the air + pumpkins adorning every stoop?! That my VERY FAVORITE time of year is here!! I’m a sucker for a good theme + Halloween is a perennial fave, particularly because it’s my wedding anniversary!!! YES, I married Mr. Creative Tonic on HALLOWEEN + we love celebrating our special day in seriously SPOOKY style!!!

Madly in love with Mr. Creative Tonic who brings so much love + laughter to my world!!! This pic from an anniversary trip to Paris is so dear to my heart!!

Now, before we get into my Halloween essentials, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to help all of you Creative Tonics prepare for this frightfully delightful season!!!

If You’ve Got It, Haunt It

Spook-tacular skulls, slithering snakes + hairy spiders, OH MY! What lends a more sinister vibe than the addition of colorFULL accents like glittering skulls, metallic creepy crawlies + spiderwebs across every surface?! These shiny creepy crawlies can adorn just about every decorative object + they don’t have to be Halloween-specific!! Although it’s fun to pick up new decor, I love combining items I already have. Explore your home for moody hues + other natural objects that you can group together for haunting displays!! Pair smoke grey wine glasses with matte black plates or snake-adorned napkins + adorn that quirky all-seeing-eye tray you keep on your coffee table with a gold skull and black candle for a look that’s beautifully macabre!!

The Devil’s In the Details

I love, love, LOVE a theme + there’s no better way to capture the spirit of Halloween than to mind all of those magical little details!! In addition to oft-used elements like pumpkins, skeletons + cobwebs, consider less literal accents that help set the tone. Swap out your white taper candles for black ones, adorn your mantel with branches + paper bats, stack up old Edgar Allan Poe books, add a bowl of moss with eyes of Newt to your coffee table + you can even put Halloween-inspired toilet paper in your bathrooms!!

Pumpkins + Gourds

You can never have enough pumpkins + gourds!! Elevate traditional shapes through color and texture – think velvet or black lacquered pumpkins, glass gourds + naturally textured varieties that add a dose of unexpected beauty to your seasonal décor.

Do you have any tips for spine-chilling Halloween décor?! Drop them in the comments below and scroll on to shop my seasonal faves including everything from jewelry to home décor!!! Happy Halloween!!!

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