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Welcome to ColorFULL Living

October 21, 2020
colorful kitchen design - Creative Tonic

Life is a vibrant, multi-faceted journey and the world around us is a magical source of inspiration. I live for channeling that inspiration into my home and the homes of others, believing that our environments should be uplifting and that the experiences shared within should bring immense comfort and joy. It’s this belief that led to our latest little adventure!

As we were preparing for the launch of our colorFULL new look, I kept feeling a tug to get even more creative (shocking, right?). Although I love sharing our process on Instagram, this evolution felt like the ideal time to begin sharing a deeper look at the Creative Tonic design approach; not only to interiors but to life in general. Enter ColorFULL Living!

Courtnay Tartt Elias - Principal and Creative Director at Creative Tonic

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to color. But living a colorFULL life is about so much more than bold, saturated hues. Living a colorFULL life means embracing your individual flair. It means being comfortable with who you are and weaving that confidence and creativity into the way you dress, work, and entertain.

As a designer, I’m constantly reminding my clients to make a splash by owning their unique sense of style. Don’t do what your neighbor is doing, do YOU. I realize that’s easier said than done, so I will be using this platform to share thoughts on life, design, and the pieces you need to make colorFULL living your very own!

Today, we’re kicking things off with a few of my tips for embracing your personal style by embracing the world around you. I hope they inspire you to open your heart to the unexpected and to think outside the box when designing your own home!

1. Consult Your Closet

Perfecting a color palette can be intimidating, even for a seasoned interior designer. If you’re searching for ideas and inspiration, look no further than your closet! Are you drawn to cool colors or warmer tones? Do you wear a lot of blue, a ton of gray, or every shade of green imaginable? When it comes to clothing, you choose hues that make you look and feel good, so why not drench your home in those hues as well?


2. Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Living a colorFULL life means weaving delight into everyday moments and activities. Just because a space isn’t seen by guests doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Get creative with areas where you spend a lot of time like laundry rooms, closets, and pantries. An invigorating pattern or bold dose of color can be all you need to take a space from plain Jane to powerful and productive!

3. Turn to Nature

When I’m working on a design concept, I often turn to nature for inspiration. The diversity found on this planet impacts us all in profound ways. Intricate patterns and the most splendid shades of blue, green, and brown serve as a brilliant foundation for designs of every kind, and spending more time outdoors connects us more deeply to the world and others.


4. Get Personal

Whether it’s embossed onto stationary, etched into stemware, or embroidered onto table or bed linens, a monogram, crest, or custom graphic will give you a look that’s all your own. Apply your mark somewhere unexpected for a truly bespoke design!

kids blue and white bedroom with hunting theme - Creative Tonic

We’re thrilled you stopped by + look forward to learning more about you. Drop us a note below!

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  1. Shana Burrow

    Congrats Courtnay!

    • courtnay tartt

      Thank you, Shana! So happy you’re here!! xoxo

  2. Helen Burt

    Congratulations, Courtnay! You are amazing!!

    • courtnay tartt

      Thanks so much, Helen! YOU are pretty amazing yourself! xoxo

  3. Deanne Turim

    I loved your colors in Elle Decor on Aqua, Turquiose and Cyan. Can you share paint color of the wall cabinet? Looks like Benjamin Moore #670, gulf stream.

    • courtnay tartt

      Thank you so much, Deanne! We’re hunting files for this exact color and will share it with you once we have it. So glad it made an impression on you!!!



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